📜 What we do

🎯 Our focal point is transforming intricate Web3 user flows into seamless single-click, single-transaction interactions through account abstraction.

Community-Centric Approach

Users can effortlessly share transactional flows within the community, fostering collaboration and enabling access to preconfigured flows on our platform. The ability to share and explore these smart transactions is at the core of our infrastructure.

Empowering Smart Contract Accounts

At the heart of our framework lies the construction of smart contract accounts on smart wallets, augmented with custom logic operators and automation capabilities. Leveraging off-chain computation and conditional execution, users can create sophisticated structures, executing transactions contingent on variables like ETH price.

Automation for Effortless Transactions

Our infrastructure harnesses automation networks, allowing users to automate diverse smart transactions—be it DCA strategies, compounding, or other tasks—with unprecedented ease.

Seamless Integration with Safe

Collaborating with Safe facilitates a seamless transition for existing Safe account holders to Partitura, enhancing the capabilities of Safe Transaction Builder by integrating our innovative infrastructure.

Building a Community Platform

We're actively developing a community platform where users can seamlessly share and explore smart transactions, fostering a comprehensive ecosystem that defines our project as foundational infrastructure.

Underlying Infrastructure and Features

Our infrastructure is built on the Safe core SDK, incorporating add-ons like Gelato for innovative automation of Account Abstraction. Off-chain computation and conditional execution shape our Intents, allowing users to set pre-transaction conditions for automated flows.

Identifying Our Initial Audience

Our initial focus revolves around empowering users navigating DeFi protocols like Sushiswap, Uniswap, Curve, providing intuitive blocks for swaps and earning strategies without needing to specify protocols explicitly.

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