🤖Partritura AI/intent system

🔑 A pivotal component of our infrastructure is our Intent framework. We are converting integrations from various protocols like Sushiswap, Uniswap, Curve, into a Swap block. This enables user intents such as “I want to swap 100 USDT for ETH at the best price” without specifying the exact protocols. Another instance of such a block is the Earn block, catering to users who seek the highest APY for ETH on any chain. These blocks significantly enhance the capabilities of our AI assistance.

💻 AI Agent

Users formulate their intents, which are then transformed by the AI agent into Blockchain transactions.

🌐 Intent Router

Rather than users deciding alone which protocol to select, the Intent Router uses “swap blocks” to determine the most suitable protocol.

🔗 Weiroll Solution

It simulates potential outcomes, allowing users to preview results that would normally only be visible after executing the transaction.

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