⚙️ Technical overview

At present, our infrastructure is built on the Safe core SDK, which facilitates batching, sponsorship transactions, and modular extending, with the integration of several add-ons to enhance functionality. These include a collaboration with Gelato to innovate the automation of Account Abstraction (a topic we have actively discussed in a Twitter thread). We also incorporate offchain computation and conditional execution as another significant add-on, utilized in shaping our Intents. In essence, we set pre-transaction conditions such as gas price, token price, or even time, and flows are executed based on these conditions. For instance, a user can set conditions to re-compound their position when the gas price is low or purchase ETH when its price falls below a certain price (for example, $1500).

A pivotal component of our infrastructure is our Intent framework. We are converting integrations from various protocols like Sushiswap, Uniswap, Curve, into a Swap block. This enables user intents such as “I want to swap 100 USDT for ETH at the best price” without specifying the exact protocols. Another instance of such a block is the Earn block, catering to users who seek the highest APY for ETH on any chain. These blocks significantly enhance the capabilities of our AI assistance.

Infrastructure Foundation

Our robust infrastructure is currently powered by the Safe core SDK, a versatile toolkit that streamlines key processes such as batching, sponsorship transactions, and modular extensions. To further elevate our system's functionality, we've seamlessly integrated various add-ons.

Collaboration with Gelato for Automated Account Abstraction

One noteworthy collaboration involves Gelato, a partnership that aims to revolutionize the automation of AA. Our active discussions on this matter have been shared via a Twitter thread, reflecting our commitment to transparency and community engagement.

Offchain Computation and Conditional Execution

A pivotal aspect of our infrastructure involves the incorporation of offchain computation and conditional execution. This powerful add-on allows us to define pre-transaction conditions, such as gas price, token price, or time. Transactions are then executed seamlessly based on these predefined conditions. For example, users can automate actions like re-compounding their positions during periods of low gas prices or purchasing ETH when its price falls below a specified threshold (e.g., $1500).

Intent Framework: Shaping User Interactions

Central to our infrastructure is the innovative Intent framework, a game-changer in user interactions. We are actively converting integrations from diverse protocols like Sushiswap, Uniswap, and Curve into a unified Swap block. This transformative approach allows users to express intents like "I want to swap 100 USDT for ETH at the best price" without specifying the underlying protocols.

Swap and Earn Blocks for Enhanced AI Assistance

Our infrastructure introduces specialized blocks, such as the Swap block and the Earn block, designed to cater to diverse user needs. The Swap block enables seamless execution of user intents related to token swaps, abstracting away the complexities of specific protocols. Similarly, the Earn block empowers users to identify and pursue the highest Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for ETH on any blockchain. These blocks significantly amplify the capabilities of our AI assistance, providing users with unprecedented ease and flexibility in achieving their financial goals.

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