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Our Initial Audience and User Base

Safe Users: A significant portion of users preferring the Safe environment actively seeks expanded functionalities beyond storage. Partitura aims to augment the Safe ecosystem, enabling easy interaction with DeFi and automating daily activities, enhancing retention for Safe and Safe SDK-based solutions.

Developers: Partitura offers an efficient solution for web3 developers, simplifying the creation and integration of supplementary features without the exhaustive auditing and development process usually associated with such features.

Strategists: Platform users adept at creating vaults and earning strategies benefit from our user-friendly interface, drastically reducing deployment times compared to traditional platforms.

B2B Solutions and Wallets: Centralized wallets aiming to introduce users to earning products benefit from our simplified transaction builder, eliminating the need for extensive additional development.

Crypto Influencers: Partitura facilitates crypto influencers in streamlining the introduction of products like DCA buys, overcoming challenges in instruction writing and direct monetization of influence.

Non-Crypto Natives: For individuals new to the crypto space, Partitura simplifies the journey and offers access to opportunities through our community platform.

Partitura's strength lies in its adaptability, innovation, and commitment to enhancing user experiences across various segments within the Web3 landscape. Our platform is poised for mass adoption, prioritizing user-friendly, one-click interactions while ensuring security and aligning with industry standards.

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